Life marriage And sex

Well darling husband and myself have embarked on a new adventure in the last month and we are now seeing the benefits. In our 5 yr relationship we have been monogamous which is unusual for myself as I am openly interested in both genders and when single enjoy both genders. All this my husband knows. But in the last month we have enjoyed the company of two different males in the bedroom with us. I will call them mr.cheeky and Mr Xbox. Now Mr cheeky I have known for years and in the past he has been a lover for me. But when introducing husband to him I had no idea that they would spark a friendship which would lead to our first unplanned mfm session. It was that successful husband and Mr cheeky are planning another. Where as Mr Xbox was decided to be a once off event as it was awkward for all parties involved. The rules are simple 100% honesty, if one of us is not comfortable then it doesn’t happen, the added male either must be single or his respective partner has to know . The added part is that husband and myself have to put in the effort to maintain an active sexlife with each other.


Food therapy

Nothing beats the look on my ds5’s face when I serve him lasagne. I learn how to make my own pasta, meat sauce and bechamel sauce last year just so I could make my little man his favorite meal. So today I a slowly going through the processes. I do this for him so that he can sit down and eat a meal with all of us and enjoy it. No texture issues or anything. The smile on his face is my biggest reward


Husband and myself have been contemplating moving from our rural setting to metro for a couple of months now. The decision has been made, we will be moving once our lease is up. Its funny because I always thought for myself and the children rural would be great but that was before the ASD diagnosis. I have found that although the schools are willing to accommodate ds5 its not as accomadating when we come to having ot or speech therapy as the services are few and far between. Then you add to that, there are only a limited number of non farm related jobs available for husband.
I am glad that husband and myself talked for months about this though because it meant we had to way up the pros and cons, we had to look at what our life would be if we lived metro, I myself have only lived rural for a couple of years but husband had been rural for a long while now so it is a big change for him.


Its been a week since I posted and what a week its been tummy bugs for dd6 ds5 at the start of the week the entertainment I g for extended family over the weekend, it had been busy. I am looking forward to some quiet time this week.


So the last week has been full of ups and downs. I found a couple if old friends I hadn’t seen since before dd6 was born. They stayed on the weekend and it was a blast from the past.
Kids are doing great at school.
Husband is getting depressed at not working.
I am at the point of not knowing what to do. Its hard not being able to fix it for him